It has been so long since I have posted to my blog that I didn’t understand the new layout of Blogger.

I . . . I . . . just don’t know. I don’t know if I can get use to this.

Let’s see if I can post more than once this November.

I’ve fallen off the NaBloPoMo wagon for the first time in the five years of participating in the event.

Look forward to my 2011 Johnson Family Calendar submissions tomorrow. Today? My Thanksgiving outfit from yesterday, featuring yellow tights, my new haircut and the scarf the Fianc&eacute’s mother (Future Mother-in-law or FMIL, if you will) bought me for my birthday.

Thanksgiving outfit

It’s that time of year again, kids!

And yes, this year will be a lot of wedding talk. Consider yourselves warned.

30 posts in 30 days. There was something more grand planned for today, but it didn’t happen. Got to save something for December! Including the 1,000 post on this blog.

Wow. Only four more and I’m there.

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Ok, this is NOT how I came home to my kitchen after Thanksgiving. This happened earlier this month. Shockingly, blue painters tape does not have the strength to hold up four pieces of wall.

Somehow, despite evidence to the contrary, my apartment handymen flawlessly repaired the wall.

Setting: the kitchen at home Wednesday night after I arrived
Scenario: Bradley has just come home from hanging with the boys. He has on dark denim jeans, sneakers and a red hoodie with yellow writing, like this. I have on this plaid dress from Old Navy.

Me: Did Michael Cera have a garage sale or did he just give you that outfit?
Bradley: Oh, ok Raggedy Ann.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I made the leaves for our office thanksgiving reflection decoration. If you couldn’t see in the photo, each paper leaf is outlined with brown zigzag stitches.

That I individually sewed, on a sewing machine.

I never said I was immune to suffering from the Party Pig Complex.

Below are the Thankful trees assembled last week during our office Thanksgiving luncheon. My co-workers were to write something they are thankful for on the paper leaves and clip it to the tree.

And no, I wasn’t the person who wrote that they were thankful for the Jimmy Choo at H&M collection.

On the Trapeze School website, The Boyfriend read that beginners can try to do a catch if they show enough skill. When I heard this I thought “Yeah right, neither of us will be able to accomplish that.”

As I can only suspect, the Boyfriend went into a secret Trapeze School training camp while still in Boston. Because on his first run on the Trapeze, he did the set of maneuvers required for a catch perfectly. He even “anticipated” (read: did it on his own time) the calls from the instructors:

When it was time for the catches to begin, the Boyfriend was in the top of the group. So he pushed up the sleeves of the new outdoor running shirt I bought him specifically for Trapeze School and applied chalk to his forearms.

Here’s one of his two perfect catches:

I did pout a little when the Boyfriend ended up being the more stellar circus performer out of the two of us. It was MY BIRTHDAY! I should have been the best! I didn’t realize I would be so competitive with the Boyfriend. He really can achieve anything if he sets his mind to it. Texas State Bar exam, trapeze school, it’s all the same.

Now he definitely has a career to fall back on if the legal industry ever completely plummets.

Before any of the November surprises surfaced, we had a simple plan for celebrating my birthday: trapeze school and dinner in D.C. Instead, we had trapeze school and 36 hours later, dinner at Jeffrey’s in Austin.

The Baltimore outpost of Trapeze School New York recently moved to the District at the site of the former convention center downtown. Yes, it’s outside. And that made it a little more exciting, thanks to our unseasonably warm (yet wet) weather.

Classes only have 10 spots, so I had to sit at my computer the day November classes were listed and refresh, refresh, refresh. They sell out FAST. There was one girl in our group who was laid off this summer and just started to take trapeze classes to fill her time. Out of our group of 10, 6 were going for their first time and the other 4 were still beginners yet experienced.

You learn some basics on the ground, the instructor demonstrates everything on the swing, then it’s go time.

I unfortunately did not succeed at mastering any of the skills. I had a lot of trouble getting off the platform the first time. Below is my third run, where I announce that I just want to swing a little bit because I didn’t feel comfortable with my grip.

I was able to do the back flip dismount once, but the Boyfriend did NOT have the camera in his hand that time. And believe me, I really didn’t forgive him for that until after I finished my first cocktail at Jeffrey’s the next night.

Tomorrow: my Cirque de Freak boyfriend

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