Inside a Relationship

Me: I haven’t eaten anything all day.
The Boyfriend: That’s right, you said today was Ash Wednesday. But the sun is going down soon. You can eat then right?
Me: No! Did you think I was Muslim?
The Boyfriend: *laughs* I don’t know the rules! It isn’t Ramadan though.


Me: I don’t think I should go to the rehearsal dinner. Being at the wedding is enough for me.
The Boyfriend: Then I don’t want to miss out on an evening with you. I just won’t go.
Me: What part of your Ivy League degree made you think you could be in a wedding for the first time without practicing?
The Boyfriend: I don’t know! I thought you could teach me!

Scenario: text message

Me: Call you soon? or are you tired?
The Boyfriend: Okay damn des moines register endorsed clinton instead of obama sad
Me: Um I am on Team Hillary didn’t you know that?
The Boyfriend: I know congrats i do like obama though


Scenario: on the phone with Grammie

Grammie: So what are you two going to do when he is home?
Me: He said he’d buy me a hamburger.
Grammie: *laughs* I think you are worth more than a hamburger.
Me: Yeah, but I really want the hamburger a lot.


Scenario: on the phone after a trying day

Me: *genuine sigh* Why don’t you just marry me already so I don’t have to go through this?
The Boyfriend: Oh your inner feminist must be crying right now.
Me: It’s more like she’s hiding in a dark corner.
The Boyfriend: Besides I don’t think it [marriage] works that way.

I would like the Boyfriend and I to have a “song”. Ideally we’d pick this out together, a song with meaningful memories. But if we did, his choice of Dave Matthews would be going blow for blow with my Jeff Tweedy. That would end up with one dumping excrement from his tour bus and the other getting a migraine. No one wants that.

My current contenders:

“The Book Of Love” The Magnetic Fields
I actually once played this song to the Boyfriend in kind of a non-moment, but it did not turn into anything magical/memorable as I sang along while wearing my Princess Leia wig sitting on my bed in my parents’ house.

“Meaningless Love Song #43”
Confession: I’m obsessed with this song right now. You can go listen to it here and read the lyrics here. It’s just cute. But I don’t feel like this song matches my relationship with the Boyfriend.

“Asleep and Dreaming” The Magnetic Fields
The album is called 69 Love Songs, one of them might work. Ok, maybe not the one titled “Underwear”.

“I’m The Man That Loves You” Wilco
If this doesn’t work as a couples song, could you play it as the father/daughter dance song? Or is that creepy?

“Nervous Heart” Rhett Miller
This might not project equality in the relationship

Could have been a contender:

“Car” Built to Spill
That’s my favorite song ever, more specifically the live version. And I use this more of like a personal pick me up song.

“Baby” Of Montreal
Too cutesy.

“We’ll Never Sleep (God Knows We’ll Try)” Rilo Kiley
Unfortunately, I think of another time when I hear this now. A good time, but back before the Boyfriend added the “boy” to his name and was only just the friend.

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