This video has the elements of all the popular engagement sessions (balloons, muted colors, classic convertible, lofts) featured on wedding blogs. I’d like to think Kid, Common, and Kanye subscribe to Max Wanger’s blog in their Google Readers:

A recent Gmail chat with Bradley, my brother:

Bradley: I have no idea what you listen to now
Me: Mainly Russian choral music
Bradley: Really? I just got like 3 new cds, mostly Georgian Bell Arrangements
Me: Interesting. 17th or 18th century arrangements?
Bradley: Contemporary
Me: not as good as the classics
Bradley: I’ve got a different ear than you. What can I say.
Me: We’ll have to agree to disagree

His suggestions for new music were the following:

The Thermals
Death from Above 1979
Girl Talk

Please note that I discovered those first two bands when I was in college. He did not stumble on those himself. *Ahem*

Point is, I need new music and I need it now. I’m going on a long Thanksgiving giving journey north. And I leave tomorrow.

Do you read this blog? Do you listen to music that was not featured on American Idol? Do you know of a musical artist I might like?

I get bored easily, so anything repetitious is primed for the “next” button. Belle and Sebastian and Bloc Party, I’m looking at you (Bloc Party, I could write an entire post on how the beginning of all your songs sound great then just blend into a cacophony of indie grossness.) I’d like something fall like, but not Christmasy yet. Here’s what I’m thinking of trying:

Fleet Foxes
Department of Eagles

My roommate suggested the Mamma Mia! soundtrack. Anything else?

In honor of my trip home this weekend, I present “You Remind Me of Home” with the lovely Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service. Even though the small suburban town he describes is the antithesis of FloMo, I still love this song for the line “you’re wasting your life”. Let’s hope we aren’t doing that.

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