I’ve had my Bank of America account for a little over six months now. Every month, I make an automatic deposit from my primary checking account at Chase into the Bank of America account. The only purpose of the BoA account is for spending cash.

This system really isn’t working for me. The amount of my monthly transfer is not enough, but I’m hesitant to transfer more since cash is notorious for being spent without any recollection of what it purchased.

When I was in New York City visiting Melanie and Sarah, I withdrew a larger amount from Chase. When I got home, I took sticky notes and wrote the following on 3 of the $20 bills:



It’s like my own GTL : I owe the Fianc&eacute $20, I needed to do laundry and I pay my eyebrow threading place in cash. I’m 26 years old, and I had to write reminders so I wouldn’t grab a $20 and spend it frivolously.

Then I was still short! I forgot to write “taxi” on a bill to use for a preplanned cab ride. Needless to say, the Fianc&eacute is still waiting for his $20.

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