Be a Grown-up
13. Pay off at 1/4 of my student loan with money that is solely mine and not combination Mc/Johnson

My holiday bonus plus my Bonus Jonas (a referral bonus for submitting a resume and that person being hired) from work all went to paying off my smallest loan, which also had the lowest interest rate. I was avalanching, not snowballing. I am now viewing this as monumentally stupid. Team McJohnson is just a little “cash poor” these days. We have a few large expenses on the horizon in addition to visitors every other week for the next two months. It would have been better to keep that cash free to spend willingly this Spring.

In process:

Gettin’ Physical, Physical
2. Go soda free for three months

Started on Ash Wednesday. I downloaded a countdown app for my iPhone that let’s me know how many days are left. Currently there are 73 days left.

Visitors & Travel
26. Get Dad (and Mum, but mostly Dad) to come to a Supreme Court oral argument

They are down in the book for Monday, April 22. They just need to buy their plane tickets and reserve a hotel.

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