Setting: In bed last night before falling asleep
Scenario: On June 19, 2010, after watching World Cup soccer on TV and napping in our New York City hotel room, Josh and I started to get ready to go out to dinner at a restaurant he had reservations but neither of us remember the name of now. I asked him if I should wear a fancy dress, if he was maybe going to ask me a question. He bantered back, asking if I would like for him to ask me a question. And then, after dating for 5 years, being proposed to once before, and finally just accepting that there was no better time then NOW, it was official. We were engaged.

The first person to congratulate us on the engagement was a woman who took the elevator to the lobby with us on our way to dinner. We skipped the reservation and ate at my favorite steak frites restaurant.

Me: Hey, do you know what today is? I only know the date because Josh has it as a Google Calendar reminder and I saw the pop-up.
Josh: Oh yeah, it’s after midnight making it the 19th!
Me: Thank you for choosing me. Wait, scratch that. That is something Taylor Swift would say. Feminist Taylor Swift would say something like “Thank you for communicating with me that my desires and ambitions in life were something you wanted to support by entering into a legally binding contract romanticized by society.”
Josh: Exactly.

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