Setting: sitting on the couch, catching up on e-mails before bed
Scenario: Josh is starting to look for a post-clerkship job. He is spending a lot of time on law firm websites checking out who works where.

Me: *peering over to the screen* John Elwood! Didn’t he play quarterback for the Denver Broncos?
Josh: That would be John Elway.
Me: I got so much of that right, but yet.


Setting: our bathroom
Scenario: I purchased a small (but still $15) bottle of Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray over the weekend. I’ve been having some fabulous hair days recently, so I decided to muck that all up by trying a completely new product. I spritz’d some in the air, and it smelled overwhelmingly of alcohol. Never a good sign for delicate curls.

Me: Josh! Come here. Did you put product in your hair yet? *He uses the Moroccan Oil curl cream*
Josh: No, why?
Me: Bend your head down! *I start spritzing his head with the product*
Josh: Oh, that smells like alcohol. *It helps to have a husband who has curls and knows the rules*
Me: You are going to be my control group. I’m testing it on you before I use it.
Josh: That makes you the control group; I’m the test.
Me: So close!

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