Wait, Why Did This Get All Serious?

29. Stop doing things I no longer want to be doing and have no desire to be doing just because I have some sort of death-wish or guilt complex that I can’t even identify the source of

Youth, My Youth

30. Go to one concert and enjoy myself like it’s 2003

I have photos for the concert(s) I attended, so that will be a later post. For now, a few more words on number 29.

I received a text from a friend who works at the Cathedral. It read: Got the official notice that you are stepping down. How does it feel?

It feels like nothing, which is perhaps the greatest feeling of all.

This all started in the fall of 2010, when I realized that I needed to get more involved at the Cathedral if I wanted our wedding to be personal and to have my voice heard while wedding planning (bridezilla, much?). That part worked out perfectly! I did a few tiny volunteer things in the months leading up to our wedding. In the two years since our nuptials, the ministry and planning needs intensified. I ended up leading the organization (along with the support of a few others). It took time away from work, my time with Josh and honestly, it never really aligned with my interests. I was an almost thirty-year-old married person planning events for mainly singles closer to college age.

Whenever things got stressful (Remember that time I had a kidney stone shortly after Easter? That was not entirely coincidental.), I kept asking for permission to stop doing this. There were more than a handful of times when I felt like doing this.

Here is where I should say that I regret my behavior, my inability to cultivate leadership among the other participants in the group earlier, and my inability to really ever enjoy any of the activities (save the yearly Nats game). But I think that’s the wonderful gift of being almost thirty: you just stop caring about things that are of no interest to you. Specifically for me, that is leading a group of 20 somethings all connected via their religion.

My impending birthday into a new decade was a great excuse to push the group into new leadership or to “quit” as others are perceiving the transition. Not a single table was flipped during the process. The group is in great hands now, and I am leaving this project without any regrets. I still love planning events and meeting people. I am looking forward to taking some time to discover new volunteer opportunities that resonate more with my current interests where I can use my skills.

But I can’t lie, I’m also looking forward to being more open about my liberal leaning tendencies in public forums like Facebook. The best was when a woman who works at the Archdiocese of Washington said she spotted me at the Prop 8 and DOMA opinion readings at the Supreme Court and said “Wasn’t that just an awful decision?” I flubbed my response at first, but quickly recovered to say “Actually, at my house, we are fortunately for gay marriage.” That felt awesome to say, and she respected my opinion.

Again, no tables were flipped.

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