Confidential to myself, three days ago:

Welcome to your 30s!

Thanks, LO
Collage by Alicia M. Pappas at my birthday happy hour at MXDC
Hats from Etsy, commissioned by Joshua S. Johnson

Setting: November 18 dinner, on Turks & Caicos
Scenario: I started to get sappy after a bottle of champagne

Me: Well, I guess it is almost over. After all that, my birthday is almost done.
Josh: What are you talking about? You were just born, like, an hour ago. (7:07pm EST )

* * *

Setting: Birthday happy hour, Friday before birthday
Scenario: chatting with some lady friends

Lady friend: Do you know what I love most about your husband? How much you can see he loves you.

And I love him, a lot too. Thanks for everything these past two weeks, Bud.

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