The other day, when I was on my high horse about marriage and how others perceive it, I refuted someone’s views by simply stating “That’s not what marriage is.”

Josh immediately responded with “It’s sitting outside eating popcorn.”


By Margaret Atwood

Marriage is not
a house or even a tent

it is before that, and colder:

The edge of the forest, the edge
of the desert
the unpainted stairs
at the back where we squat
outside, eating popcorn

where painfully and with wonder
at having survived even
this far

we are learning to make fire


I know I say this a lot in this space, but I love that man a lot. I love him for remembering my favorite poems and quoting them back to me when they are most appropriate.

We have spent 8 and a half years together, and we are just now learning to make fire.

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