Pour some out for things that left me in 2015:

Emily, my work spouse, to live in Ethiopia
Emily, my personal stylist at the M Street Brooks Brothers, to live with her boyfriend in Portland, OR
Sanam, Josh’s hairstylist of almost 4 years, to live with her boyfriend in Wisconsin (these boyfriends are ruining my life . . .)
The Majestic, my favorite restaurant in Old Town, Alexandria
C. Wonder, the best gift store
Centro-matic, the best ever death metal band out of Denton

One Response to I’m Glad They Came Along

  • Emilia says:

    You are the sweetest most wonderful human being to ever exist on this planet and it was an insane privilege to be your work spouse for more than two years and an even bigger privilege to get to be your friend for all the years to come!

    All my love – Emilia

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