Scenario: on the phone discussing getting married

Me: We just have to find the money. This is going to cost more than you think.
Him: That might be true, but I want you to get what you want.
Me: I think your job is going to be to rein me in with the spending and help me focus on what is really important.
Him: I can do that!
Me: I don’t think you even understand the crazy things some brides do. Like they go to Old Navy on the day they sell their flip flops for a dollar and buy bunches of them so their guests can take off their shoes and wear flip flops on the dance floor.
Him: That’s ridiculous. *We’ve never been to a wedding with flip flops for the dance floor or a candy bar, so that basically blew his mind*
Me: But it doesn’t stop there! Because that’s not good enough. So they take the original Old Navy size tags off the shoes and replace them with homemade tags with their wedding motif, whether that’s birds or a monogram or some quote by the Beatles. Then those shoes are put in a basket that they or their mom bought at Michaels with a 50% off coupon. But you can’t leave the basket plain! It has to have a coordinating sign with some fun little phrase like “We wouldn’t want sore feet to keep you off the dance floor! Love, the Newlyweds”.
Him: *stunned silence*
Me: Then they pay someone thousands of dollars to take a picture of that basket with the flip flops, but that photo is suppose to make it look like fairies just magically placed that basket at the wedding. This is called a “details shot”, and to some brides, a wedding is nothing without these “details”.
Him: We don’t need that because that is ridiculous.
Me: Is it ok to say I love you now more than I did five minutes ago when I started this story just because you said all that was ridiculous?
Him: *laughs* I love you too.

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