To all my Texas readers, the Boyfriend has a request:

Dean Harold Koh of Yale Law School has been nominated to be Legal Adviser to the State Department. Unfortunately, his confirmation is being held up by a small group of Senate Republicans, including Texas’s own Sen. John Cornyn. I just called Sen. Cornyn’s office and left a voice message urging him not to block an up-or-down vote on Dean Koh’s confirmation. It would also be great if you all would consider making a call to Sen. Cornyn. A few constituent phone calls urging Sen. Cornyn to back off of a filibuster attempt on Dean Koh’s confirmation really could make a significant difference. You can leave a voice message for Sen. Cornyn at 713-572-3337. Here’s a script of what you may want to say in the message:

I strongly support Harold Koh’s nomination for Legal Adviser to the State Department. The State Department needs a legal adviser right away, and delaying Koh’s nomination is hurting the country and harming our foreign policy. Koh’s nomination should get an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor this week, before the current legislative session ends on May 21.

It’s a shame that Dean Koh’s nomination has become politically charged. I can think of no one who would make a better Legal Adviser for the State Department.

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