Last month, I bought a few spring wardrobe pieces. I have plans for that $10 purple dress. It includes me, near a beach in California, hanging out with Bradley in a week.

That is a lot of pressure for a dress, especially one from Old Navy. Probably the pressure comes from how I imagine styling the dress.

$10 Dress

I would wear the lightweight cardigan over the dress, open, securing it with the skinny belt. Then the scarf would be loose around my neck. The nude color flats would be the perfect beachy accent.

Let’s just add up the accessories in this outfit, none of which I currently own:

J.Crew Shoes: $79.99
J. Crew Belt: $29.99
J. Crew Sweater: $49.99
Forever 21 scarf: $5.50
Total: $165.47

So not going to happen. But a girl can dream, right?

One Response to Style Her Into Credit Card Debt

  • Angela says:

    I tried that dress on for the Miami trip. Piece of crap Old Navy doesn’t make clothes well. But I liked the pockets. Didn’t buy it. I did buy two of those strapless ones though, don’t know if you saw them. They did their job, I must say.

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