Last weekend was the Get&Give promotion for GAP, Inc. stores. The customer received 30% off whatever they purchased and five percent of the proceeds went to a non-profit of choice. I chose the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

GAP Get & Give Promotion Loot

Not pictured
black capri length work out pants from Old Navy
red cotton pajama pants from Old Navy
another pair of those GAP pants in a white and tan lawnstripe

Justifications abound
Purple dress: $10 to wear in California next month
Pink shirt: $11
shoes: $15

Not so justified
The jacket: I really wanted this in yellow since it was cheaper, and I liked the color. But the GAP we went to didn’t have it in yellow in my size. I may have pouted in the Georgetown GAP. Then the Boyfriend admitted he didn’t really like the yellow but knows I “like color”.

The other issue is that it doesn’t have full length sleeves. That was a downside since all the girls in D.C. have full length sleeves on their trenches. Since I paid about $20 more than I wanted to for this, it’s on the bubble.

The pants: I got an ink stain on my favorite pair of J.Crew work khakis. I was replacing them with the pair picture above and also like the other color combo for Spring. They were a great price on sale, but do I need two new pairs of pants when both look very similar to pants I own (ink stained and seersucker respectively)?

Also, let me just say this, your boyfriend may not be the best person to help you pick out pants.

Me: Do these look too big?
BF: Kind of. Want a size smaller?
Me: Yes, and if I can fit into those we are doing a happy dance!
*puts size smaller on*
Me: Does it look like I am stuffed into a size too small pair of pants?
BF: Kind of. *silence* what do you think?
Me: I think that wasn’t the correct answer.

I’m bringing them with me to Texas this weekend so Katie can be the judge. She’ll know the correct answer.

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