Friday night:

Setting: Books & Notions
Scenario: I’m very, very stressed and tired. I call the Boyfriend from the work phone. Earlier in the day I had convinced him to go to the Mates of State concert in New Haven. I thought it might be over.

*phone rings* The Boyfriend answers the phone, but doesn’t say anything. He holds it up so I can listen to the concert. I listen, standing on the sales floor, for about a minute with a gigantic smile on my face.

My thought: He gets me. Three years in, and he gets me. Moments like this show me how far we have grown.


Saturday night:

Setting: on the phone
Scenario: discussing the day

Me: Guess who came into the store tonight?
The Boyfriend: Who?
Me: Elizabeth!
Him: Oh, wow! Did you talk to her?
Me: Yeah! She was at a baby shower at a nearby restaurant. Then she was going to a movie with a group of friends. She’s living in Garland now with a friend.
Him: Wow! I haven’t seen her since, like, Christmas. You are keeping up with my family more than me!
Me: *suddenly very disappointed and now annoyed* We are not talking about the same Elizabeth.
Him: We aren’t.
Me: No. I am talking about Elizabeth, our friend, Angela’s best friend. Remember? We were just talking about her last week?
Him: OH!!!
Me: Yeah.
Him: How would I have known that?
Me: Why would you think it was your cousin Elizabeth *who he probably hasn’t seen in three years*?
Him: She lives in the area! She could be at your store!
Me: No, she doesn’t live near here.
Him: Yes! She does! Near Chad’s house . . . I think . . .
Me: *thinks for a while* I didn’t even meet Elizabeth at the Christmas party. Remember? Her babies were sick. They weren’t there. So I couldn’t have been talking about her; I don’t know her.
Him: Yeah, I just realized that. Sorry.*

My thought: He will never remember names/dates/places. It’s just not going to happen. We will continue to have these types of poke-my-eye-out, frustrating discussions as long as we are a couple. He doesn’t get me.

*Some of this could be blamed on my tendency to not give context clues in conversations. You have to fill in the blanks yourself. This is a well formed pattern in my family; one can start a conversation with “You know what I am talking about right?”. Yes, I totally know what you are talking about, and nothing has been said.

That’s family, I guess.

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