1. initial necklace at Urban Outfitters: Bought with Grammie’s Christmas money
2. brown top with floral embroidery at Antrhopologie
3. Velvet brand sparkly, cleavage producing, going-out-top at Antrhopologie: ON SALE! Plus make-up on the front discount!
5. Small Object Loop Trouper at Antrhopologie: ON SALE!
4. Nine West moccasins (coveted since October): ON SALE!
5. navy blue “formal” tie from Nordstrom (for the Boyfriend to wear at a wedding)*: ON SALE!
6. necklace at Madewell (for McKatie)*: ON SALE!

This post brought to you by the kismet of Melanie having Thursday off of work, and my first ever “You don’t need to come in tomorrow.” day at the law firm.

*You guys are going to pay me back, right?

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