Setting: on the phone
Scenario: the night before we are set to register for the first time at the Macy*s Sip & Scan event.

Me: Remember you have to leave work early tomorrow.
Him: Why? . . . AH! So we can register! I’m writing myself an e-mail right now. *I can hear him open a new tab on his computer to compose an e-mail. He narrates the e-mail.* Leave work early to register. Why? Because you are marrying Jillian and you love her.

* * *

Scenario: showing the Fianc&eacute a wedding related product that has both our last names

Me: My name looks bigger. Sorry about that.
Him: That’s ok. I’m more of a sidekick in this relationship anyway. You are the most important part.

* * *

Setting: on the phone
Scenario: The Fianc&eacute is ready for a break now

Him: Can we go on our honeymoon now and just stay there?
Me: That’s not how that works. Sorry.
Him: That’s what they did on Boy Meets World.
Me: What?
Him: Boy Meets World! They go on a honeymoon and stay. The main character guy starts to grow coconuts. Look it up on Hulu.

One Response to Inside A Relationship: 150 Days til Forever

  • tinkler says:

    YES i love that episode of boy meets world.

    and then when they're married and have to live in the icky married dorms together and his parents are mean and won't help them buy the house with the breakfast nook. but its okay, because they fix the broken water pipe and redecorate the dorm.

    everything i know about relationships, i've learned from corey and topanga.

    also, i kinda wanna move to philly now.

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