Yesterday, I was on a quest to stuff as many items as possible into my smaller-than-average carry-on size rolling suitcase. Even after my mother said she would mail me a box with anything I couldn’t pack, including my white winter coat that the magical elves at Bibbentuckers cleaned for me, I wasn’t getting on that plane without my CD boxset of The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs.

The Fianc&eacute and I have decided that this would be the music for our cocktail hour. We tossed around the idea of editing it into a playlist that doesn’t include the songs about underwear and other sordid things you don’t really need to have mentioned at a wedding reception. But I’ve since decided we should play it the whole way through like it’s Pink Floyd’s The Wall or some other rock opus.

This decision has been made in the same manner as many of the other decision regarding this wedding: Hey, that’s a good idea! Let’s do that! As it stands, our most complicated decision has been our wedding cake, and mainly because my immediate family loves cake and is very worried we won’t have enough slices.

Bradley inquired about the sound system that will be playing 69 Love Songs at our reception venue:

Do they have speakers?
– Yes
But are they, like, good speakers?
– Yes . . .
What is the equipment like?
– That’s a problem for Future Jillian.

After the Fianc&eacute spent Boxing Day with his extended family, many of whom sound excited to spend July 23, 2011 in Washington, D.C., I realized we are having a wedding. And it looks like there will be more than 10 people there. Future Jillian’s problems aren’t so far away. Perhaps it is time to make real decisions, like finalizing a guest list.

Playlist 1, Guestlist 0

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