I remarked on my birthday that Grandma Helen said 27 was the age you should be married. Dad was 27 when he married Mum, who was 30. The next year I came along. Growing up, I always thought I’d get married around 30 and be ready to have a baby the next year or two after.

I’m not 30 and we’re not having babies anytime soon. This is not something that weighs heavy on me in my day to day life; I mostly view it as a problem for future Jillian. But when you are planning a marriage in the Catholic church, babies come up frequently. The Fiance&eacute and I have discussed children and even have names picked out if the stork ever drops by our house.

But sometimes, I look at him and say “It will be ok if it’s just us for the rest of our lives?” He responds “absolutely”.

We are among the last of the Fiance&eacute’s friends from Texas (and law school to a certain extent) to get married. We’re the first of my friends in D.C. to walk down the aisle. But both groups view children the same way: something adults do. I had to tell a friend recently that it is perfectly acceptable for someone 26 to have a child.

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