Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins with M. Ward opening and Jimmy Buffett appearing
Band of Horses

Was it the quality of the touring musical acts or the quantity of mortgage debt we took on in 2016? You decide.

Honorable mentions: We had tickets for a double-header at the 9:30 Club in May to see Titus Andronicus and then Parquet Courts. That is two separate shows, one the early and one the late. ON A THURSDAY! Then Josh had to go to New York for a hearing the next day. This meant he couldn’t be club bopping in DC until midnight and still make it to court on time. It was quite a bummer when I had to tell him about the scheduling conflict. Also, we had to eat the tickets because reselling tickets in DC has become impossible. We were even willing to give them away for free!

Here is the only tolerable Beatles song!

Come at me, bro.

I respect The Beatles but feel like there are much more interesting groups of four musical men (Minutemen, Mission of Burma, Minor Threat, Hüsker Dü, The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr., Fugazi, Wilco, Maroon 5) ((not all those bands have four men in them, but just go with it.)) (((All of those are real bands))). And today’s Band: Boyz II Men.

Didn’t we all own the II blue covered album between 1994 and 1996? Best track. But this is the best video from that album.

I have a soft spot for cover songs that I think are better than the original song with the original artist. I have a list of favorites, so I’m going to link a few every now and again as I procrastinate on finishing my portfolio and packing. There is no particular order.

“Knife” by Grizzly Bear

I don’t really like Grizzly Bear, but this is the best male collegiate a cappella performance of an indie song, IMHO. (Sorry, Whiffenpoofs.)

Preservation Hall Band
Kacey Musgraves
Ex Hex
Sufjan Stevens
Neko Case
Best Coast
Kelly Clarkson
Watson Family Hour
Band of Horses
Hottwire (RIP)
Marina & the Diamonds
Joanna Newsom

Honorable mention to concerts that didn’t happen in 2015:

Bette Midler (never went cheap enough day of on resale sites)
Everything at the Landmark Music festival that wasn’t Band of Horses or Chvrches. I was in a mood that weekend and couldn’t deal with a festival environment. Sorry Miguel, Drake and The Strokes.
Built to Spill (we were on our way to England that day)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (tickets were purchased, but went to Marina instead)

Setting: our bathroom
Scenario: getting ready for bed, playing music

Josh: What is this?
Me: Two guesses, first guess doesn’t count. Just listen and you’ll get it.
Josh: *doesn’t get it*
Me: It’s the new Matt and Kim.
Josh: Ah!
Me: His voice is so distinctive. After this, we are going to listen to the new Alabama Shakes. *Matt and Kim continue to do their peppy dance thing* I don’t love them, like I would never buy a whole album. But they are the band that comes up on your Pandora that you don’t mind listening to.
Josh: I agree. They are just good enough to not waste a skip on them.
Me: It is like they are sponge worthy.
Josh: That’s kinda like the opposite of sponge worthy.
*Matt and Kim ends, Shakes begin*
Josh: Is this the Alabama Shakes?
Me: Listen to the programming notes, Josh! I don’t curate this Tiny Desk Concert in the bathroom for anyone else but you!
Josh: NPR loves the Alabama Shakes.
Me: I think they are the worst band that white people like.
Josh: Worse than O.A.R.?
Me: *sincere pause to weigh what he has just said* Yes. Worse than O.A.R. because you know you are getting a bro-gimmick with O.A.R. Alabama Shakes think they are earnest. *shuts off song after 20 seconds*

Kim’s dancing in that video is pretty great, tho.

New music purchases for my vacation:

Fang Island
Future Islands*
Local Natives
Passion Pit

*Recently, a group of friends were all discussing a band; I think this was the band they were talking about. I was excluded from the conversation as though I was a nun who wouldn’t know the first thing about popular music.

Anyone remember a time when I would have dominated an indie rock conversation? It wasn’t that long ago, I swear.

Getting old sucks.

Videos I made the Boyfriend watch this weekend, because he had never seen any of them:

Avett Brothers, “Murder in the City”

Randy Travis, “Forever and Ever Amen”

Embedding disabled by request, click here

Bat For Lashes, “What’s A Girl To Do?”

Embedding disabled by request, click here

The first four episodes of Major Dad on Hulu.

Also, we finally watched Let The Right One In on Netflix instant play. Please, do yourself a favor and watch it now before the U.S. remake is released.

I kind of wish we’d skipped paying $11 to see Nine and watched Let The Right One In twice to catch all the subtleties.

Are you busy compiling your Noughties list? But first, don’t we have to create a top ten list of 2009?

From here*:

Did “Single Ladies” come out in 2008 or 2009? It doesn’t matter, it is the best song of the year. I want it played at my funeral and my wedding and when my kids are baptized and at the conclusion of my next job interview and when I buy a sandwich later tonight. I want to steal a fast car and drive through a desert with a beautiful Latin woman and play this song. I want the car to explode and for the song to continue playing; it is resilient like that. I want to hear that spaceship noise loop endlessly for the rest of my life.

Remember when we heard “Hey Ya” everywhere for two years, but now you can’t remember the last time you heard it, and you’d feel embarrassed, nearly apologetic, if it started playing? Will this song expire, too, or is it timeless like something Mozart wrote? I think that maybe everything Mozart wrote sounds like a wet fart compared to “Single Ladies.”

I first started to read blogs in 2003/2004 when “Hey Ya” was big. I remember reading a couple of blogs by MTV/Viacom employees and how they took actual Polaroid pictures at their holiday party and shook them while the song played.

“Hey Ya” must be played at my wedding (along with Randy Travis’s “Forever & Ever Amen”).

If we dance at my wedding. If.

*Holy crap, did I just blog about a 6 year old song by linking to a Tumblr on a Blogger blog? I think I might have just ripped a hole in the space-time continuum.

I have an opposite type problem because all the guys I ever liked or dated, I friended when I was liking and dating them. Oh, the innocent days of Facebook in 2004! Now when I get their updates in my feed, I usually make a groaning noise.

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