Mere days before Christmas, Ms. Melanie received two job offers. I was over the moon ecstatic for her.

I had always wanted to give her the gift of personalized pencils for her classroom. Given the timing of her employment, I couldn’t order pencils to present to her at Christmas. Instead, I recalled this tutorial and created personalized pens.

I did a few things different than the tutorial:

1. I used the dimensions in the tutorial for the paper pieces to create a template in Word. I created text boxes in that size, typed “Ms. Graves” and added backgrounds and colors. That meant I had everything for all the pens on one sheet of paper and personalized!

2. I tried using double sided tape, but it was kind of a fail. So I used a trusty UHU glue stick.

This also ended up being the only Christmas gift actually delivered on Christmas Day since the USPS failed to deliver my package from Virginia on time.

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