2009 accomplishments:

1. Worked at the same job for an entire year.
I had never done this post college graduation. I’m now working on my second year at the firm in D.C.

2. Saved money.
This was well documented, but the sacrifices allowed me to meet one of my long-term savings goals this year. Now, I am over 50% to completing another goal. The Boyfriend and I have also taken steps to successfully combine our two money mindsets. That was a really proud moment for me.

3. Traveled.
I had fun on every trip, visiting many places for the first time (California, Boston) but really enjoying return trips to my favorite places (Connecticut, New York City). Then there were the surprise excursions that took me to places (Oil City, Austin) I certainly didn’t imagine I’d go when I rang in 2009.

4. Educational opportunities.
I took a six week Adobe Creative Suite course, and I also did a three day workshop on the business of being a crafty entrepreneur.

5. Social opportunities.
I did kickball this summer with my pals, and I only cried at a game once! I have also been more willing to go to things involving alcohol, so my social horizons have expanded. In addition, I’ve also started a volunteer project that will continue through 2010.

Up next: 2010 resolutions!

One Response to Aught To Say Goodbye

  • tinkler says:

    holycrap its been quite a year. but i'm so very glad we've gotten closer. and i think i've seen more of you this past year than all the other years combined. hooray!

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