Videos I made the Boyfriend watch this weekend, because he had never seen any of them:

Avett Brothers, “Murder in the City”

Randy Travis, “Forever and Ever Amen”

Embedding disabled by request, click here

Bat For Lashes, “What’s A Girl To Do?”

Embedding disabled by request, click here

The first four episodes of Major Dad on Hulu.

Also, we finally watched Let The Right One In on Netflix instant play. Please, do yourself a favor and watch it now before the U.S. remake is released.

I kind of wish we’d skipped paying $11 to see Nine and watched Let The Right One In twice to catch all the subtleties.

One Response to Weekend Playlist

  • tinkler says:

    1. i don't think i have ever heard the avett brothers song before. not gonna lie. it made me a little weepy.

    2. OMG the bat for lashes video. freaked me out the first time i saw it. also, always makes me think of donnie darko.

    3. loved let the right one in. i want to rewatch it though, with the subtitles. i, of course, was completely inept and accidentally watched the dubbed version.

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