Are you busy compiling your Noughties list? But first, don’t we have to create a top ten list of 2009?

From here*:

Did “Single Ladies” come out in 2008 or 2009? It doesn’t matter, it is the best song of the year. I want it played at my funeral and my wedding and when my kids are baptized and at the conclusion of my next job interview and when I buy a sandwich later tonight. I want to steal a fast car and drive through a desert with a beautiful Latin woman and play this song. I want the car to explode and for the song to continue playing; it is resilient like that. I want to hear that spaceship noise loop endlessly for the rest of my life.

Remember when we heard “Hey Ya” everywhere for two years, but now you can’t remember the last time you heard it, and you’d feel embarrassed, nearly apologetic, if it started playing? Will this song expire, too, or is it timeless like something Mozart wrote? I think that maybe everything Mozart wrote sounds like a wet fart compared to “Single Ladies.”

I first started to read blogs in 2003/2004 when “Hey Ya” was big. I remember reading a couple of blogs by MTV/Viacom employees and how they took actual Polaroid pictures at their holiday party and shook them while the song played.

“Hey Ya” must be played at my wedding (along with Randy Travis’s “Forever & Ever Amen”).

If we dance at my wedding. If.

*Holy crap, did I just blog about a 6 year old song by linking to a Tumblr on a Blogger blog? I think I might have just ripped a hole in the space-time continuum.

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