Below are the items that I didn’t quite eek out before November 18, but made progress on:

Gettin’ Physical, Physical

4. Finish C25K

We got to about week 4 or 5 and I just gave up. It was the combination of early mornings + physical exertion. My two least favorite things put together. Josh then subsequently threw out the progress chart that was on the fridge. This is a new slightly annoying element of our relationship: Josh is now throwing away things that I do not want him to. I get it; I’m a mess.

7. Stop drinking from plastic water bottles at work

I tried to order branded waterglasses for my firm, but they were $$$$ when I wanted them to be $. This is why I say I “attempted” this.

Be a Grown-up

15. Go to one quarterly meeting for my union

I didn’t attend a meeting but participated in CBA negotiations.

Disposed Income

18. Buy underwear that fits and toss the old that was purchased on sale at Victoria’s Secret during college

Rumbly In My Tumbly

21. Make a monthly meal plan with 30 dinners that aren’t BLTs and fresh tacos

I have a list of recipes saved in another post, but for some reason they don’t have links. I don’t know what happened there, BUT! 30 year old Jillian LOVES Blue Apron.

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