Below are things that I did not accomplish and didn’t even really try. I’ve provided updates for those that I accomplished post-30th birthday.

Gettin’ Physical, Physical

1. Lose 20 pounds

By the end of June 2014, I reached this goal. But, that isn’t completely true. During my 29th year, I gained a lot of weight. So, 20 pounds from what I weighed when turning 29 (and making htis list) was not the same digit on the scale as 20 pounds from my all time high reached in December 2013. I have a post coming about my weight loss and fitness. For now, I will say I weigh less than I did on my wedding day, and it feels good.

3. Eat breakfast at home for two weeks

I just don’t like breakfast at breakfast time. AND! My doctor said he didn’t give a sh*t if I ate breakfast or not. I do have a morning banana everyday at my desk once I get to work.

5. Go swimming for exercise, not fun

Too fat for my Speedo.

6. Spend a week not eating after 7pm

Again, by the end of June 2014, I reached this goal. I actually did it for 21 days straight, before breaking the fast for a World Cup watching party. Worth it.

Be a Grown-up

10. Get out of bed before 8am on weekdays and get to work before 10 (yes, I know)

Yeah, I really gotta work on this. Still.

11. Leave the house with dry hair, always

See above.

For Something Completely Different

25. Keep a gratitude journal for a month and write one thing I was grateful for that day

Oof. My therapist even assigned this to me as a therapeutic practice and I couldn’t do it. I’m thinking of adding journaling, with paper and pen, to my 2015 resolutions list.

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