Setting: a bar on H Street, the Monday after the Grammy’s
Scenario: We are waiting for Josh’s friend’s to join us for happy hour/dinner. The TV over the bar is showing highlights of the Grammy winners. Daft Punk is shown behind Pharrell accepting their award.

Josh: Wow. Is that the Stig at the Grammy’s?!
Me: *Just stares at him and blinks*

Setting: Before going to bed one night
Scenario: Someone at work was acting a bit crazy, and I said it should be blamed on Mercury retrograde. I begin to explain this process to Josh.

Me: So, you know how everyone has an astrological sign? And with that, you have various houses and moons? Do you understand anything I am saying?
Josh: *sleepy and with a slight hint of Ralph from the Simpsons* I’m a Leo!

Setting: Before going to bed one night during the third week of March 2014

Me: Hey, when’s Hobby Lobby?
Josh: I . . . I don’t know!
Me: That’s the first time I have felt like we have put your clerkship behind us.
Josh: Yeah, that feels really good.

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