1. Get LASIK

Or at least go in for the consultation to see if I am a candidate for the procedure. After scratching my cornea in 2014, I would like to wake up every morning without having to poke myself in the eye with contacts to be able to see. But yes, the trade-offs (unable to drive at night, constant dryness) might not be worth it.

2. Lose 10lbs, develop abs

I lost 20 pounds in 2014, but I am still so soft in the middle. Why am I so soft in the middle now?

3. Survive January 2015 at work, then not collapse in February

22 IRS filings due by February 2. And my therapist is taking all of February off for training and travel. *insert panic smiling face emoji*

4. Never mindlessly watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory again

Read a book, you lazy trashbag. (No, we still don’t have cable.)

5. Go to London with Josh in October

And maybe Scotland afterwards, if we have time.

6. Teach Alicia how to make an American quilt

I see a stash-busting Amy Karol easy lap quilt in our future. Just for starters!

7. Sell that pile of eBay/consignment store merchandise holding space in the bedroom

Then give the rest to the DAR rummage sale.

8. Finish the classes for my George Washington University certificate program, complete half of my practicum hours, and pick my portfolio project

I have until August 2016 to finish the program. Currently, I have 4 out of 7 classes finished and a smattering of practicum hours. I want to receive my certificate, and 2015 is when the bulk of the work should happen since they suggest you give yourself 6 months to complete your portfolio.

9. No Coke, no cookies during work and evaluate that ice tea with ice cubes habit

I am such a broken record on this. I spent a LOT of 2014 off of the Coca-cola. It’s time to stop the (not really an addiction because I don’t drink one every day and haven’t bought cans to keep at home in the fridge in years) addiction. As for the cookies, did you know that Pret A Manger sells warm chocolate chip cookies? My late-2014 lunch became a Pret half sandwich, chips, ice tea and cookie. That little meal deal rings up at north of $10. THAT IS INSANE, MCMAHON. This has to stop in 2015.

Also, maybe this is why I am so soft in the middle.

10. Buy a Jeep Wagoneer

Beep, beep. Who got keys to the Jeep?

Dream life

Artwork by the lovely and talented Jeffrey M. Nelson

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  • Sarah says:

    OMG. the pret chocolate chip cookies. i also love their bbq chips. and i may or may not have started a terrible habit of eating their spinach mac n cheese for lunch every day and telling myself it wasn’t so bad, because, hey, spinach!

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