Scenario: Josh and I were discussing the delicacies of the social contract when dealing with inequalities in the economy.

Me: If another person brings up [redacted], I will summon the ghost of Frederick Roosevelt on their ass.
Josh: That is an interesting way of pronouncing his [Franklin Roosevelt] name.
Me: Darn it! Frederick Douglass has been in the news, and I just combined the two!

Scenario: Discussing Peach’s first birthday

Me: I didn’t put contact info on the card for the RSVP, but I assume everyone knows how to contact me. Can you think of anyone we invited who can’t reach either of us? Everyone knows how to reach me, right?
Josh: They’ll just hit you on your burner.
Me: This is why I married you.

Scenario: Josh received his Bonus Jonas from work, and we were discussing a Fun Thing to purchase with the funds.

Josh: I would like to look into buying a new laptop.
Me: Ok! Go to the Apple store?
Josh: Well, I was thinking we could just get a PC.
Me: A PC? What brand?
Josh: Dell? Dell’s the best supposedly.
Me: I think that is because they are all that is left. Name another PC brand.
Josh: HP?
Me: Didn’t Dell buy them?
Josh: Acer? Chromebook?
Me: *laughing* A Chromebook doesn’t have all the laptop functions.
Josh: I don’t know!
Me: Alienware*
Josh: Hey! They are still around!

ACTUALLY, Alienware was purchased by Dell. HP is still standing strong alone.

*Josh had an Alienware computer when we first started dating, and that thing was a beast. But Josh was the envy of all the gamer nerds he encountered.

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