Past-Jillian wrote goals for each year and then did a recap of what she accomplished. I haven’t done it since I stopped working, but I want to reflect on 2018. 2015-2017 were kinda crazy around here, but every year here is crazy. Josh and I end each year asking how we made it through. I would like to remember the highs of 2018:

1. I cooked every Blue Apron/Hello Fresh box we received save for ONE MEAL

In 2017, I didn’t make 14 meals. That is over 3 boxes! I made it my mission to cook dinner. Also, sometimes lunch and lunches that could become dinners.

2. Got on an airplane and went to Europe (twice!)

It has to be mentioned we were to have a one week Canadian adventure that Delta couldn’t get us to. Always a little low with the high.

3. Bought a car made this Millennium

Owning a 2000 Volvo station wagon was very on brand for me, so we kept pouring money into it. It had less than 85,000 miles on it! This new car has headlights that illuminate the road (did you know they help you see at night?), SiriusXM radio that has many stations that play my 70s favorites and Josh’s indie college rock, built in navigation system, and the list goes on. I loved that 18-year-old Volvo so much, but having a modern car is just kinda amazing.

4. Found a mascara my eyelashes could wear

I found out about “tube” mascaras on the Internet. I have deep-set, close-set eyes. Mascara transfers under my eyes as though I just applied charcoal pencil to my eyelashes. Dear friends have let me know at events when I start rockin’ the raccoon; professional makeup artists have wiped my undereyes and started again numerous times for one makeup application. This mascara makes me confident enough to wear mascara during the day. When it naturally starts to wear off, it is easy to sweep clean. Obviously I am panicked Almay will cease production on this product because that is what always happens to women and makeup. Def the patriarchy’s fault.

5. Peach milestone, Financial milestone

I didn’t lose my sense of superstition in 2018. I just want to let Peach and my bank account know I am proud of them.

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