I Am Not A Robot

9. Go in for a regular physical not an OB/GYN appointment and make sure my shots are up to date

I went, but this of course merits a longer post. For those keeping score at home, I have 3 Thirty Before Thirty longreads to write:

1. House hunting
2. Concert going
3. Doctor visiting

In process:

Gettin’ Physical, Physical

4. Finish C25K

Josh is doing this with me, and we are about to start week 3. There is a print-out of each workout on the fridge, and Josh writes in the dates we complete each workout. Without this, I would still be running the first week’s cycle over and over. Something about running messes with my memory.

Disposed Income

18. Buy underwear that fits and toss the old that was purchased on sale at Victoria’s Secret during college

Josh and I took a mini-weekend trip to Palm Beach for a golf adventure post-clerkship this past month. I realized two days before we were leaving that maybe I could be an adult woman and buy some underthings that 1. fit and 2. looked cute. So I spent over an hour shopping by myself in Victoria’s Secret after work one night. I gave myself no budget for this shopping spree, which is a feat for my penny pinching self.

I love shopping for undergarments, underwears, pajamas. I have drawers full of items at the apartment and in Flower Mound still. But I noticed that my shopping priorities have shifted in the last few years. Probably for a variety of reasons: weight gain, no one new to impress in the bedroom, money. So as I strolled Vicky’s (without a free panty coupon!), I kept telling myself “You enjoy this, relax.” This is actually something I learned from Maggie Mason. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself to chill out.

This goal is marked as “In Process” because I really need to clean out my entire underwear drawer. Then it’s back to shopping for more drawers to FILL those drawers!

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