Setting: Nationals Ballpark, our second wedding anniversary
Scenario: I’m describing the Duke and Duchess leaving the hospital with Prince George. I mention how deft Prince William was at navigating the car seat insertion.

Me: Then he drove the car away himself!
Josh: He drove the car away? With the baby and his wife in the car?
Me: Yes.
Josh: That is impressive. I don’t even know if I am going to feel comfortable driving the car with you and our baby in it.

First time Josh made a comment about him actually being a father. Ever.

Scenario: I don’t look at houses to buy in DC, mainly because we can’t afford a house here. Our budget puts us more in condo territory. But Dallas, Texas! Oh, we could totally have a house there! Here, look at this house! We could buy own that! But, what jobs would we have in Dallas? What would our income be? So many questions.

Josh: Looking at Dallas real estate = not good for one’s mental state
Me: We could buy a house in Dallas and then your mother could move-in. She could help us with the children.
Josh *surprisingly not looking at me like I have two heads*: That’s an idea.

First time I made a comment about a possible future living situation that might solve some future problems. Or not.

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