Background #1: At the Nationals Opening day, a lot of women had cute little tote bags with Nationals fabric on the trim. On closer inspection, I saw it was this tote from Vineyard Vines for $95 US dollars. I need another tote bag like I need a hole in the head (I actually ordered another one last week from J. Crew. For use as my gym bag! So practical!), but I had free time on Saturday and popped into the VV store in Georgetown for the first time ever. IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE. Men with Kennedy hair and pastels on everywhere, shoppers and customers! I actually think they just employee people to sit in the Adirondack chairs at the front of the store wearing the VV look. But part of me loves that experience. It’s very 90s East Coast prep, as though the economy never really tanked. In my head, everyone drives a Jeep Wagoneer. And if you know me at all, you know that is my secret desire.

Setting: Saturday evening
Scenario: I’m telling Josh about my trip to the Vineyard Vines store. He kinda knows the brand, but I realize he would understand it even better after watching their official history Emoji video.

Me: *while queuing up the video* Ok, so their whole thing is “Every day should feel this good”, but they abbreviate it: E D F T G. It’s like the letters they give you for the bonus round on Wheel of Fortune.
Josh: You left out the S.
Me: Right! Because every time I see that hashtag on Instagram, I have to google it to come up with the words it represents. I can never remember it! AND! Usually when I see it, it looks like someone had a hashtag stroke while posting to Instagram. #edsftg
Josh: *laughing pretty hard* You think someone got the #-sign down before falling ill and then their fingers just rubbed on the screen to display EDSFTG, and they were still able to press post?
Me: It’s what it looks like to me!

We finished watching the video (it’s 48 seconds and you need to watch it to understand the next bit) and no $95 totebags were purchased.

Background #2: There was a semi-serious work situation happening. Like actually serious, and not in the way that I can sometimes make a paper jam seem like the end of the world. Of course, Josh’s solution was for me to quit my job.

Setting: Last night before bed
Scenario: Josh actually came home early from work (8:30pm!) to coach me on how to respond to this work situation. Right before going to bed, he kisses me goodnight.

Josh: And remember, quit before they can fire you*. Always. And I’ll come pick you up from the train station afterwards.
Me: *laughing ridiculously hard* You can’t! Someone has to keep working, and you won’t be able to get off work!
Josh: True. You are lucky we live within walking distance of the train station.

I am really lucky I have him in my life for two reasons: 1. I’m pretty sure my own parents would have made me walk home from the train station if I quit my job and 2. I am pretty sure he is buying me that totebag. Just because he loves me.


* Josh was being slightly dramatic, so please don’t worry. During the night’s pep talk he also used the Eliot Spitzer edition of that classic discretion motto: Never talk when you can nod and never nod when you can wink and never write an e-mail.

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