And when I stopped watching them:

Mad Men, Season 5 Ep 2
Downton Abbey, Season 5 Ep 3
Orange Is The New Black, Season 2 Ep 1
House of Cards, Season 1 Ep 1

But I’ve watched all of The Newsroom, twice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2 Responses to Prestige Dramas

  • Sarah says:

    Mad Men, Season 2 Ep 13
    Downton Abbey, Season 4 Ep 3
    Orange Is the New Black, Season 1 Ep 3
    House of Cards, Season 1 Ep 13

    Also, I’m totally over Game of Thrones but Tim won’t let me stop watching.

  • Matthew says:

    That’s when I stopped watching OITNB too! S2/Ep1.

    I stopped watching Mad Men early in Season 2…and have never seen Downton or House of Cards…

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