Sporting goods of Hung N. Nguyen I helped pack and move during the Nguyen Family Move 2015:

2 sets of golf clubs*
3 pairs of golf shoes
1 pair of soccer cleats
1 karate dojo outfit
140 tennis rackets
racket restringer
fishing pole
bicycle tire pump**
pair of hiking boots caked in mud
2 kites
8 lb. medicine ball
10 lb. medicine ball
softball/baseball mitt***
3 guitars
3 laptop computers

* 1 set was Tiffany’s
** But not the bikes themselves, because I packed the container with the bike locker key in a fit of “we really need to be packing things!” at 9am on Saturday. Only later was it discovered 1. The bikes should probably leave the apartment for the new house and 2. The box with the container had long been packed, taped and loaded to the truck.
*** Possibly Tiffany’s but Hung owns one

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