1. How every bedroom I’ve ever slept in looked once it was empty and I was moving out.
2. The walk to my college graduation with Dad at 7 in the morning.
3. The inside of the coliseum where all three of us had our high school graduations
4. Texas Rangers games in the summer, no matter where the seats were
5. Laying on the grass in a park at night and having a boy kiss me
6. Seeing James Mercer sing “Stand on Honest Ground” and closing his eyes at “Honest Ground”
7. Rilo Kiley, August 2003 in Denton
8. The view from the hotel balcony in Mexico
9. Waking up outside when camping.
10. Cheering as Yale made their only touchdown during The Game, and then singing all the words to the fight song.
11. The sounds of the crowds in the streets after UT won the Rose Bowl
12. The first time I took a shot of vanilla rum and wore a dishtowel around my neck not in case it didn’t go well
13. The walk home from Smedley Street Elementary
14. The drive to Grammie’s house in Plummer
15. The first morning I ever woke up in Connecticut
16. The way Texas looked the first winter we lived there, standing outside waiting for the bus
17. Seeing the Boyfriend standing outside the secruity gates at Regan National Airport when my flight arrived the day I moved to D.C.

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