I just spent the last hour and a half look at fonts trying to find a capital J I liked with a complimentary lowercase z.

Chashley recaps resume once I stop debating a shade of peach.

Yesterday morning, my Grandpa died. By the time you read this, I should be on my way to Oil City for the first time since 2004.

Please enjoy my auto-posts until I get back. Look forward to a photo pictorial of Dad and I in western Pennsylvania.

It’s November! Welcome back National Blog Posting month! Look forward to a post a day right here on this little blog.

I had a better post scheduled for this morning, but Dad had an emergency appendectomy this morning at three a.m.

And Bradley came home last night on a surprise visit for Mum’s birthday.

Oh, and did I mention Mum starts a new job next Monday?

November? Bring it.

1. I’m NOT the Jillian in this thread. I should have clarified that in the original post. I’m sorry if anyone thought I was fueling the fire. I usually reserve that to those closer to home, like the Books & Notions management.
2. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website has links if you are inclined to help the woman and children of the FLDS in Eldorardo, Texas. This story blows my mind and turns my stomach. [via blurbomat]
3. The Boyfriend’s mother is doing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. If you would like to pledge to her race, click here. One of The Boyfriend’s cousins is a breast cancer survivor; that’s a picture of her daughters on the webpage.

1. The trick to the design quiz posted below is to look at the background of the photos. Yes, Melanie. You were right.
2. If you look at the comments on this post, you will notice that someone left a comment. And that someone may be the person whose Twitter message I quoted. All I can say is this:

Holy blogging cow, Batman! This officially blew my mind.

And, did you think the VP of one of the most important blogging software companies would use an emoticon? It makes what could have been a mean comment a bit less severe.
3. I’m not typing that person’s name again because I’m sure he has a Google Alert or some such device linked to his name. I don’t want my gushing over a one-off comment to become an obsessive blogging situation he needs to monitor.
Though, wouldn’t it be cool if he found my mess here to be worthy of an occasional read? A blogger can dream, can’t she?

More Christmas New Year’s miracles!

1. I was the top Books&Notions Membership Card seller in my district (that’s several stores grouped all the way to Lubbock) for November. I had a conversion rate, memberships to transactions, of 8%. They usually shoot for 3%. Did I try for this? No. Was I shocked? A little. Did I really need the now apparent competition from other co-workers and myself? Definitely not. Did I receive any compensation from the management? A congratulatory fist pound.
2. I sold ANOTHER onesie on Etsy! To ANOTHER stranger! This person bought one of my witch’s hat onesies and left feedback calling it “adorable”.
3. This picture that I took of the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue on Town Lake in Austin was included in the Schmap Austin Guide. I found out earlier this month that my photo was on a shortlist, and then I got an e-mail confirming my submission’s inclusion. Now, with all thanks going to the magic of Flickr, I am a published photographer! To learn more about Schmap, click here.

This is National Blog Posting Month, again. I am now working 3* jobs! So posting will happen everyday sometime between the hour I wake up and the hour I go to bed. It may occur officially on the next calendar day, but you won’t tell.

Will you?

* Substitute teaching
Books & Notions
Temping at a law firm

1. Looking for a job makes me cranky.

2. I started reading The Feminine Mistake. I have questions that hopefully will be answered. But! Tonight’s rerun of the Gilmore Girls, where Emily knows nothing about her family’s finances, was straight out of the book. Even the part about her attending Smith.

3. Best quote from the book so far: “No one works in New Canaan!”

And by “no one”, they mean the women. I’ve been to New Canaan, Connecticut. The Boyfriend once lived there. They have TWO Ralph Lauren (non-outlet) stores on the same street. Yeah, the women don’t work.

4. Best quote about me reading the book, from Bradley, left in my comments:

“Are you ca-razy? Last time I read your blog I was positive that you were without child. Are you expecting? Eating for two? Front heavy? That book is for mommas, and people expecting to be mommas. Girlfriend, you have gone off the deep end, mhmmmm.”

5. I had a tough day at work today. Someone called me rude. I have also bitten my tongue to the point of bleeding when it comes to that certain person’s job performance.

Oh but none of this matters! I’m turning in my two weeks TOMORROW!

1. Goodbye Lady Bird Johnson. Thank you for making Austin beautiful.
2. Pope Benedict XVI, have you lost your mind?
3. This year’s Mexico pictures were taken with disposable cameras, not my usual digital. It was a lot easier than worrying about my camera, batteries, et al. while on the beach. I think they turned out well.
4. I think one of those pictures might be my Christmas card photo.
5. Let’s play guitar in a five guitar band.

1. Bradley, I do like Cold War Kids. I bought “Hang Me Up To Dry”.
2. The Boyfriend and I are going back to Cozumel this summer over July 4th Weekend.
3. I’m flying back to Dallas on May 22 to drive with Katie and Mum to Houston. My mother is going to drive me back to Austin, and then drive herself to Dallas. It works.
4. My Grammie is coming for Gradupalooza ’07. I haven’t seen her since 2004, and she hasn’t been to Texas since 1998 or so.

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