I am currently $726.90 in debt to myself. (I borrowed money out of my long-term savings accounts to pay for a few things.) My rent is going up next month. Metro raised fares this week and will do so again in August. There is nothing like getting engaged and budgeting for a wedding to make you realize your spending has gotten out of control.

A few calculations with my current pay and the above factors concluded that my Discover Card Threshold is now about $100 more than I can actually afford each month.

Bring on the Spending Moratorium!

Just like last year, there will be rules:

1. I will not buy any clothing, shoes, or accessories.
2. I will not buy lunches out. I will buy groceries and pack my lunch.
3. This moratorium does not include the following purchases:

  • Washington Kastle’s game in July
  • The Melting Pot for Alicia’s birthday
  • Katie McKatie’s birthday gift
  • The Fiancé’s birthday gift
  • Nationals baseball game
  • A few ice cream adventures during lunch time ($10 total)

I already have McKatie’s gift (it just needs wrapped and shipped), and I know what the Fiancé will be receiving for his big day. We’ve already had the discussion that this year’s birthdays and holidays will be scaled back in preparation for our wedding.

My goal is to save $700. This night actually be impossible, but I am up for the challenge. Look forward to weekly updates!

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