The Boyfriend and I share a Google Doc titled “The Wedding Savings Spreadsheet”. There is a column for how much I’m saving per month for our wedding and another column to show the Boyfriend’s matching contribution. Then it tallies our total up at the bottom.

It is one of my favorite things.

Since I tend to live like a miser, the Boyfriend insists I can take money out of my wedding fund to buy something. But I never have.

Until two months ago when I asked him if I could take $250 from the wedding fund and take Suann Song’s letterpress printing class. His response: of course, actually I demand you take the money.

When I told this story in my class on Saturday, one of the girls exclaimed “Marry him!”.

* * *

The Hive at 1511 is just three Metro stops from my apartment in Old Town Alexandria. I’d passed by the adorable little rowhouse that houses not only Simple Song Design but Kate Headley Photography and Ritzy Bee Events right after the ladies announced they were opening a studio. To be able to go inside was truly special; it looks like something out of a movie staring Meg Ryan with sun filled rooms beautifully decorated. At the end of the day, I told the Boyfriend that the entire experience was like a fantasy. I left feeling inspired.

The class was three students, including myself. We watched a short film on the art of letterpress (after taking this class, I appreciate it as an art) then headed to the back to start printing.

Our first design was a set of blind embossed (no ink) cards with a phrase or name of our choice. The second set of prints used the photopolymer plate we designed with Suann.

It took over a month and several consultations with friends before I decided on a J in a circle. You can see it above, set up to print.

Here is a shot of the entire Pearl press.

This was my view as I loaded the paper.

Action time! The only way I got a successful print was to while operating the press. I’m not so good at multitasking while operating a hundred year old piece of machinery.

To see photos of my finished product, skip on over to The Hive’s blog. Or don’t, so you can be totally surprised when you receive one of my creations in the mail.

As our class was wrapping up, Suann talked about how the Boyfriend and I can come back for the next workshop: print your own wedding invitations. She had it all laid out, who would print what on which machine. It’s all set.

The Boyfriend totally didn’t see that coming when I took the money.

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  • Alicia! says:

    i was soooo hoping that after this class you'd come back and say that you could make your own wedding invites. so excited. i may even have to add you as an option in my stationery tab in my wedding binder…

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