1. Bring my lunch to work, most days.
Success! I started a new job in a slightly different part of downtown DC in March. I spent a few months trying out the local cuisine before determining that none of it thrilled me. I now bring a frozen meal everyday, and it’s usually an Amy’s frozen meal. In my head, it’s a little more healthy. I can now remember every lunchtime meal I bought out in the last few months instead of lunchtime being a blur of expensive deli sandwiches.

2. Run the St. Patrick’s Day 8k
Nope. Becky took my place and ran with Josh.

Hi Josh!


3. Visit Bradley in Chicago

Three in the Bean

4. Go on a vacation with Josh, before this happens (!!!)
Success! We went to Puerto Rico in July.

Puerto Rico selfie

5.  Go to the dentist
Success, times three(?)! The first visit revealed a cavity, which I think is just a ploy on their part to make more money “replacing” old fillings. But I returned last week for my six month checkup and nothing was amiss!

6. Get behind the wheel and drive
Success! I am now a licensed driver in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the part owner of a Volvo station wagon.

7. Combine my cellphone plan with Josh’s. 
Success! And I also got an iPhone 5 out of the deal.

8. Pick a photo to have put on a canvas & frame our wedding invitation. 
Done and done! We gave the canvas print to Josh’s mother for Mother’s Day (which had been the plan all along). I finally saw it at Christmas, and it didn’t look too bad!

As for the framed wedding invitation, Tiffany and I went to Michaels and I bought a pre-fab frame on sale and stuck an extra invitation in there with some double-tape and a little black paper for backing. I think this cost $11 total.

$11 Shadowbox frame

9. Put an album of wedding photos on Facebook
Done! The thing keeping me from doing this was submitting our wedding to Style Me Pretty to be featured. I started the submission, then got discouraged. There is a post-wedding fatigue that happens. But in the end, I was more fulfilled with the comments I received on our Facebook album from friends and family than anything strangers admiration on SMP could bring.

10. Find patience, spiritual growth and new talents through my volunteer activities.

After a bit of a meltdown in August about the back to school backpacks, I began to look forward to the end of my Cathedral related activities. My last event for the Cathedral will be in November 2013. This new deadline makes everything I do now a little more enjoyable, bearable at last. So, that might not be the definition of finding “growth” but I am choosing to look forward. I am also working on adding some new volunteer activities to the mix with new organizations. You know me, I always need a project!

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