Be a Grown-up
14. Combine all McJohnson financial accounts, including investments, in

I combined all of our investments, including our health savings accounts (which I am going to categorize as investments) into our joint account.

Sidenote: needs to create a way to combine two existing .com accounts into one once people get married. I had to create a new McJohnson account to get everything in one place. You could just add one spouse’s information to another, but then you have more history for the original owner of the account. That isn’t fair.

I also took the time to create a proper budget using the Mint tools. Josh took a stab at creating a budget before he went to the Court in July, but it was way too general. It didn’t include some of our now standard expenses like Sprint for our cellphone plan and the monthly housekeepers who scrub our toilet and baseboards. January was our first month living by this new budget, and we spent $329 less than what was budgeted. This includes saving money for two savings goals that are also plugged into Mint.

The goal with this budget and seeing all of our finances in one place is to make the few months when Josh leaves the Court and interviews for a new job/we go on an adventure/he starts a new job as comfortable financially as possible. So if that means one less $9.99 sale shirt from the GAP, then that is what it means.

Disposed Income
20. Redesign this blog

This was the most stupid thing I have ever done. I found every step of this process aggravating. I think I should have abandoned the long-form blog post style for tumblr, oh sometime in 2008.

But now everything looks different! It was (maybe) worth it.

Youth, My Youth
30. Go to one concert and enjoy myself like it’s 2003.

At the end of December, I saw Ian MacKaye perform as the Evens with Amy Farina. I think this checks something off the DC Bucket List as well: See Ian MacKaye perform.

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