Last Saturday, the Boyfriend and I sat down with the priest at the church where I want to get married. He filled out a questionnaire with us each separately. (No, it wasn’t the FOCCUS test if you know what that is; this was more preliminary).

Sample questions:
Are you currently married to someone else?
Are there any reasons why you can’t get married?
Are there any reasons why you can’t have children?
Is anyone forcing you to do this?*

We were also asked how long we have known each other, and I responded “since 1996”. Fr. wouldn’t accept that as an answer. So I said “Fine, 2004”.

Our answers were kept a secret. Until last night when I said to the Boyfriend “Did you know that Fr. wouldn’t let me say that I’ve known you since 1996?” And the Boyfriend said “Yeah, he wouldn’t let me say that either.”

That sent me into uncontrollable giggles.

*I wanted to say, “YES!”**. But the priest didn’t take that as a joke. So “no” was recorded on the questionnaire.

**Their names are: Katie, Bradley, Mum and Dad.

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