It took 6 hours tonight for me to prepare Josh’s fourth generation iPod Nano that I inherited when he moved from Boston to DC? Or when we got married? Anyway, we both now have iPhones that we use as our main music listening device. But I wanted to have the iPod for travel this week because we are going to Paris on Friday, and it just seems safer to have a five-year old iPod out instead of a one-year old iPhone.

It took 6 hours because I first had to get my old laptop PC out and backup all the files, download all the images on my point-and-shoot camera, and then download all the music from the Amazon cloud (because I purchase all my music on Amazon). For a lot of reasons, I thought I needed to updated the iPod from the iTunes on the PC. 6 hours later, that was proved incorrect.

But here are things from my 6 hour journey:

1. I have owned 2 Canon point-and-shoot cameras in my life. The first camera was gifted the Christmas of 2005? The first picture on the memory card is me with Heather Armstrong from SXSW 2006. The SD card was 512MB.
2. I ordered another memory card for Paris picture taking instead of trying to figure out how to delete all the information off the other, larger card I own. $12 on Amazon for 8GB.
3. Typing that reminded me that I kept getting these messages that my iCloud storage was running out. Instead of trying to manage my storage, I just spent $20 to increase my storage limit.
4. The background photo on the PC is this photo of Josh and I at the top of a lighthouse in Cozumel Mexico, July 2007:

On top of the lighthouse

My hair looks so good.

5. On the 512MB memory card I found this photo of Matt and I:

One Drink Limit

This is the fall of 2007. I loved that dress, and wore it to my job in DC the following fall. An older gentleman I worked with said it was “an interesting look”. I promptly put it in the Goodwill bag that evening.
6. We are going to miss seeing Matt on his Northeastern tour when we are in Paris. We are also going to miss seeing Islands and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. in concert. We are also missing Sleigh Bells in November when we are gone for my birthday.
7. Last weekend, Josh and I saw Saves the Day. I had never seen them in concert and have definitely not listened to them in years. I remembered all the lyrics and got compliments from Josh on handling the moshing so well. We had read set lists before the show, but I was still surprised when they played You Vandal. Josh said it was the most fun he has ever had at a show. (Other than that time he saw Green Day at the American Airlines Center.)
8. We saw Clap Your Hands Say Yeah last night at 9:30 Club. First time I’ve been back since the July 2012 Modest Mouse incident. We sat in the balcony and had a great time. I definitely haven’t listened to CYHSY since 2005 and never actually owned any albums. It was an early show and we were home by 10:30pm.
9. We are going back to 9:30 Club in November to see Built to Spill. I haven’t seen them in concert since September 2008 when Josh took me to Philadelphia, after he proposed the first time. We are going to try to sit in the balcony again.
10. I remembered today that Mandy Moore is married to Ryan Adams.

In summary:

Always throwing money at my problems
All those photos are the memories of you that I just don’t have right now
All the music I listen to is from when I first listened to music
I’m going to Paris on Friday with a guy who loved me so much that he proposed twice

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