March- Amanda’s Wedding (DFW)*
March/April- Yale Law School Prom (CT)
March/April- Visit Bradley at USC (CA)
May- the Boyfriend’s graduation (CT)
August- the Boyfriend’s move to Boston (MA)
August- my co-worker’s wedding (Toronto, Canada)

*Purchased last week for $200. That’s a deal when the going rate had been $374 for a 3 day weekend; the same price I paid for a 7 day trip in December.

I used Farecast to monitor fares for that weekend. I highly recommend this website. It works best if you know the EXACT date you need to travel. They will send you an e-mail everyday with the current price and their prediction on where fares are headed. I watched the price drop over $100 in one day. I immediately bought my ticket then saw it go back over $300 the next day. I was amazed.

Thanks, Farecast!

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