If you live in Texas, your day is today. Please go vote.

Also in Texas, we have a two part primary system. And it’s confusing. flat out confusing. It’s as confusing as the Dish Network TV system we have at the office that I screwed up today trying to watch The Martha Stewart Show.

Texas has a total of 228 democratic delegates:
1. 126 delegates will be chosen proportionately according to the primary vote
2. 67 delegates will be chosen by the caucus process
3. 35 delegates will be “Super Delegates”

The caucus process begins at the precinct conventions. These are at 7:15 p.m. tonight, and you must vote in the primary to vote in the caucus. The process is completed at the Texas Democratic State Convention in June.

If you live in Texas, please try to vote in both the primary and caucus. Even if you are undecided, your vote counts. For more on the voting math (from an article I just Googled), look at this.

***Blogger Note:*** Please notice how I did not persuade you to vote either way. Even if a certain Illinois Senator called our house last night, we are still on Team Hillary.

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