Last night, my cousin Jenny called from Pennsylvania. Probably to discuss the passing of Myron Cope. My Dad shared this little story after they finished talking:

Her four year old son Zak was flipping through an issue of Newsweek, and as my father told the story, Zak was on the toliet at the time of this conversation. Anyway, Zaky saw a picture of John McCain and asked if he was going to be our next president. Eventually he learned the names of all the candidates.

The next morning, they quizzed him on the names. His first response was “Josh McCain”. Close enough. Then he had to think a little more, and then he said “I know it! Obi Won Kenobi”.

An aside for Bradley: they are getting a puggle. Katie is green with envy.

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  • zakandowen says:

    Hey Jill,

    Your dad got part of the story right. Zak was reading the magazine and saw a pic of Hillary and asked if she was going to be our next president. I said I hoped that she would be, but I wasn’t sure. Zak said that he didn’t want her to win. He wanted “the guy” to win. About 30 sec later he came to another pic and asked if it was Barack Obama (it was). I asked him how he knew about Hillary and Barack and he said we had told him (I don;t remember discussing the presidential election with a 4 yr old, but maybe we did). Then the next morning I wondered if he still remembered Barack’s name, so I asked who was running for president. He thought very hard and said he knew he just couldn’t think of his name. All he could think of was Obi won Kenobi. About 5 sec later he says Josh McCain. Close enough for me especially as we typically do not talk about the republican candidates.

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