McJohnson Wedding

Confidential to my husband:

Happy one year wedding anniversary, Joshua!

I think I already married you
photo by Katie Stoops (who has a new website!)

This was during Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” at the reception. Our guests were singing along to the song and cheering for us. I remember saying to Josh “Can you believe all these people are excited for us!?” that led to the best.year.yet. 

Confidential to my parents:

Happy 29th anniversary!

let's dance

Photo by Katie Stoops, from our wedding

We had a combined father/daughter and mother/son dance to Frank Sinatra’s version of Stevie Wonder’s “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life”. I got very uncomfortable with everyone watching us dance and ended up kind of ruining the whole dance by suggesting an awkward partner switch.

But Mum, in a stroke brilliance, came up to dance with Dad. Because of that, I have some of my favorite dancing pictures from the wedding. And I feel a little less embarrassed about my dancing nerves.

Thanks, Mum!


Photo by Katie Stoops

Was that enough kissing photos in one post for you?

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