The restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner is closing the middle of August. It is right across the street from my new office. I see it everyday, multiple times a day. I even go there and eat lunch in the bakery — $11 for a chicken parm sandwich. It is wonderful.

To celebrate Josh’s last day as an attorney for the Department of Justice, we went to the restaurant to use a gift card we were given by co-workers at my last job. On the way home, we stopped by our neighborhood Hallmark store to get a card for the priest who married us. He was recently transferred to another parish. 
A sign was posted on the door stating they were closing at the end of July. I looked at Josh, and said “I can’t take anymore. It’s like my Grandma is dying all over again.” Which is paraphrasing a Nora Ephron line from You’ve Got Mail. Nora Ephorn had just died that week. 

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