Lifestyle creep n. A situation where people’s lifestyle or standard of living improves as their discretionary income rises either through an increase in income or decrease in costs. As lifestyle creep occurs, and more money is spent on lifestyle, former luxuries are now considered necessities. [via]

Setting: birthday trip to Turks & Caicos
Scenario: Josh paid American Airlines $88, each? together? I don’t know, to have Priority Boarding in Group 1. With these seats you also get extra legroom, but the main objective was to board the plane with plenty of empty overhead space for our bags. I DO NOT CHECK BAGS. This became a slight issue on our European vacation when we had to gate check our bags from DC to Boston before going abroad. Josh, at that time, attempted to buy first class tickets on the US Airways shuttle just so we had overhead bin space. Those seats were sold out.

Josh: Those Priority Boarding seats were great. We should just go ahead and upgrade to those in the future from now on.
Me: Lifestyle creep!

Setting: birthday trip to Turks & Caicos
Backstory: I thought I had posted this story on the blog before, but all I have is this birthday post photo (oy, ignore the image sizing issues) of Josh holding one of the precious M&Ms. In 2005, Josh and I took a trip to San Antonio. I wanted to eat the M&Ms from the minibar, but Josh was insistent that the hotel would have a vending machine where we could purchase cheaper candy. They did not, and they were not entertained by our efforts to save money and not spend quadruple price on a minibar bag of M&Ms. This was sort of an epic battle for two people who had been dating for mere weeks at the time. There was stubbornness on both sides, but finally he broke down to let me have the candy.
Scenario: We are getting ready to go out for my birthday dinner, but were going to open gifts in the room first.

Me: Hey! Why don’t you call down to room service and have a bottle of champagne brought up so we can enjoy it while opening gifts?
Josh: Great idea!
*Calls down, has bottle delivered, let’s me open it, drinks it with me. Next day, our bill for our stay at the Regent Palms arrives*
Me: Um, why didn’t you tell me that the bottle of champagne was $121 delivered?
Josh: Yeah, it was that much, with tip.
Me: And you didn’t stop me? You didn’t question this?
Josh: No.
Me: Wow, we have come a long way from that bag of M&Ms.

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